Triage PRO

Part of TriLine GRC Total Solution

A tracking module that
keeps you up-to-date.

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TriLine GRC’s regulatory horizon scanning module, Triage PRO provides assurance to governance, compliance and risk professionals that changes within the regulatory environment and emerging risks are never missed.

By accepting feeds from multiple sources, TriLine GRC automatically notifies those responsible and creates actionable tasks. Full history and linking through to the wider GRC solution provides clarity around reasonable steps, change management and assurance to the Board or Executive that the organisation is keeping pace with the every changing regulatory environment.


  • Instant processing of inbound bulletins and newsfeeds.
  • Rules based creation of tasks and follow up.
  • Assurance that key persons are being notified.
  • Automatic library of categorised content.
  • Link any notification to any record within the system.
  • Create change management tasks based on inbound notifications.
  • Automatic reporting and dashboards
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Instant Notifications

With Triage PRO, in combination with the core TriLine GRC solution, a firm can have confidence that the right people are notified of any change at the earliest possible opportunity. Having more time to plan a response reduces the risk of adverse events or regulatory fines.

Live Dashboards & Accurate Reporting

The automatic updating of reports and dashboards allows for accurate reporting to the board, and dramatically reduces the time spent manually creating charts and reports.

Centralise Database

As all information is retained within Triage PRO, including reactive actions, it is easy to provide evidence of corrective steps taken from first notification and would therefore reduce the time needed to track actions and reduce the risk of regulatory action.


By automating notification and actions, items need only be managed by exception, saving time and effort for those responsible and removing potential for human error / single point of failure.


Not just Triage Pro. TriLine GRC has over 10 fully integrated modules that are configurable, scalable and easy to use to suit your organisations requirements.