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build an effective GRC culture.

Since the implementation of the Senior Manager & Certification Regime (SMCR), firms have been challenged with finding a solution to demonstrate compliance and good governance. TriLine GRC has extended its solution to include a SMCR module that seamlessly integrates with existing functionality to provide a comprehensive and unrivalled experience.

Trusted by FCA regulated firms, TriLine GRC’s SMCR module helps to protect firms and their Senior Managers against non-compliance, personal fines and/or damage to reputation.


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  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced cost.
  • Reduced risk of regulatory non-compliance, fines and/or reputational damage.
  • Full control of annual certification, and Fit & Proper assessments.
  • Transparency of roles, responsibilities and accountability.
  • A centralised location for all aspects of SMCR providing ‘one version of the truth’.


SMCR Module

Our dedicated SMCR solution can accommodate all aspects of the Senior Managers & Certification Regime, including Accountability and Committee Maps, Statements of Responsibilities, Certified Persons and Fit & Proper Registers.

Conduct Rules

Our solution helps firms deploy conduct rules and demonstrate their employees adherence to them. It helps to ensure any breaches can be easily identified and reported to the FCA, providing evidence that the firm has taken appropriate reasonable steps to identify a breach and ensure that the risk is mitigated further.

Reasonable Steps

The SMCR places a duty of responsibility on Senior Managers as individuals to take ‘reasonable steps’ to comply with FCA regulation and prevent any breaches, and for those individuals who delegate tasks to other employees and departments to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Accountability and Committee Maps

The SMCR module will automatically build Accountability and Committee Maps for each entity within your firm, based on your reporting structure. Point-in-time reporting provides instant generation of Accountability and Committee Maps for any time period, allowing you to demonstrate evidence of your structures.


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  • The firm can leverage from the existing GRC framework and content in one platform saving time and effort.
  • Increased transparency and awareness of accountability means that all staff are immediately aware of their responsibilities.
  • Granularity and in depth reporting supports Reasonable Steps and makes breach rectification or remediation straight forward.
  • Delivers irrefutable evidence of SMCR compliance to the board, Auditors and Regulators.


Not just SMCR, TriLine GRC has over 10 fully integrated modules that are configurable, scalable and easy to use to suit your organisations requirements.