Part of TriLine GRC Total Solution


The Registers Module allows you to effortless record and manage registers across your organisation. The Registers Module can replace ‘siloed’ spreadsheets sitting on the network and in personal directories. More importantly the Registers can be linked to TriLine GRC’s workflow engine and developed internally in hours not days without any programming skills. Staff can then access the registers through the TriLine GRC portal.

Key Features

Full Security Control Over Every Record

Registers in TriLine GRC can be used across all aspects of an organisation as they can be designed to contain sensitive information and have finite security. Selecting who can see which register ensures confidentiality.

Customisable Form Templates

The TriLine GRC total solution comes with pre-loaded typical forms. These can be modified for any organisation’s needs and allow you to become self-sufficient within hours.

Automatic Workflows Free Internal Resources

Forms and Workflows can be designed with automatic internal reminders and prompts in TriLine GRC, freeing up time for internal resources.

Centralise and Control Spreadsheets and Registers

TriLine GRC allows the Events and Incidents Module to be linked to all other modules, which facilitates an end to end GRC solution.