Key Metrics

Part of TriLine GRC Total Solution


The Key Metrics Module is part of the fully integrated TriLine GRC solution allowing you to effortless record and manage metrics across the organisation. “Metric Owners” get reminders, enter their own data, freeing up resources in the Compliance and Risk Department. Inputs are automatically measured against pre-determined triggers and thresholds generating warnings or requiring commentary.

Key Features

Manage Risks Against Tangible Measures

TriLine GRC allows you to measure risks constantly so you can embed and monitor your Risk Appetite Statement.

Measure All Facets Of Your Business

Gain complete organisational transparency with TriLine GRC. Metrics can be upper or lower limit range, allowing you to measure all metrics across your organisation.

Intelligent Reporting

Predefined measures provide automatic prompts to enforce commentary and invoke a call to action in TriLine GRC. This allows for immediate action and intelligent reporting across your GRC requirements.

Generate Traffic Light Reports

Provide an organisational snapshot on one page. Traffic Light Reports in TriLine GRC streamlines reporting to Management, the Board and the Risk Committee.