Document Library

Part of TriLine GRC Total Solution


The Documents Module allows you to upload and track important documents across the organisation. With TriLine GRC’s security framework you can easily control who views or edits documents. Unless you have a dedicated document management solution, correlation between lists of documents and versions can be tenuous and that doesn't include document security.

The TriLine GRC Documents Module can overcome these challenges by delivering an easy to use document solution. The workflow behind the library ensures that documents are accurately categorised, given an owner, allocated security and given any other attributes or metadata deemed necessary.

Key Features

Fulfil Regulatory Obligations

In the TriLine GRC Documents Module, staff only have access to the latest version of documents. Ensuring the correct documents are used at all times helps to fulfil regulatory obligations.

Support For All Common Document Formats

The Documents Module can support common formats, including CSV and PDF. Non-technical staff can maintain the library, making it even easier to deploy.

Future Date Documents

A document can be loaded into TriLine GRC and dated in the future. Staff can therefore be advised of change in advance and ensure they are using the correct document as of the date.

Full History Of Document Change

The TriLine GRC Documents Module will store previous versions and the reason they were changed. This further fulfils regulatory obligations by providing a full history and audit trail for every document.

Link Documents to Other Modules

Easily deliver underlying documentation to other modules to avoid duplication and ensure a single source of truth.