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Organisations may have hundreds of controls but more often than not, individual controls do not work in isolation but have inter-dependencies and each component plays a key role. TriLine GRC’s Control Inventory Module allows you to build those dependencies, assess, monitor and review and articulate those key controls. It enables you to aggregate those attributes and link them to one or more risks.

Key Features

Simply Summarise Controls

When the role of controls is easily understood, managing risk becomes far easier. TriLine GRC allows you to summarise controls at a level that is both simply explained and measured.

Embed a First Line Risk Culture

Allow control owners to assess, manage and understand controls, which provides reassurance to management and risk committee and develops a First Line Risk Culture.

Link Controls to Incidents and Key Metrics

Enable an accurate assessment of operating effectiveness by linking other key modules to the control inventory, providing a wholistic overview of your organisations risk management.

Promote a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Effectively manage follow up action and track rectification with automatic reminders and escalation with inbuilt workflows.