Part of TriLine GRC Total Solution


The Contract Management Module is not simply a register; it allows you to effectively manage contracts from vendor governance, execution, storage, monitoring SLAs and renewals. Commonly used for incoming and outgoing contracts and fulfilling regulatory obligations around outsourcing.

Key Features

Automatic Reminders for Renewal and Rollovers

Be on the front foot with improved bargaining and negotiating position for contracts as TriLine GRC automatically reminds you when contracts are expiring or renewing in advance.

Track Service Level Agreements and Milestones

TriLine GRC tracks and automates the tracking of SLAs and milestones to ensure that contracts are fulfilled and increase your return on investment.

Mitigate Fraud Risk

Know that you are paying bona fide vendors within TriLine GRC with Vendor Screening and Governance.

Assign Ownership of Contracts to Line Managers

TriLine GRC allows you to align contracts to business processes, which will reduce costs and improve efficiency within your organisation.