Create and manage all your registers with TriLine GRC.

Create and manage all your registers with TriLine GRC.

Create and manage all your registers with TriLine GRC.

Create or transfer your existing registers into TriLine GRC. Use the sophisticated functionality to record a wide range of items, from training for Directors and Executives, tracking personal development obligations, monitoring gifts and hospitality through to operational tasks such as control of building security passes.



  • Fully customisable solution allowing for the creation or re-creation of any register currently in use.
  • Import your existing spreadsheet records directly in TriLine GRC.
  • Control access to registers via TriLine GRC’s security system.
  • Generate register lists and associated data quickly and easily.
  • Pass control of registers to front line staff where appropriate.
  • Maintain oversight of information through a tiered security structure.



Create a register for any type of task or requirement that requires tracking.

Put your people in control

Allocate control of registers to individuals or specific business units.

Automate processes

Set tasks to ensure that items recorded have a practical action path to completion.

Maintain an overview

Set alerts to warn if items with due dates have not been finalised within the necessary timeframes.

Effective Management

Create reports capturing key details for dissemination to committees etc.

Control sensitive information

Utilise TriLine GRC's sophisticated security systems to control access to registers and information recorded therein.

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