Contract Management

Contract Management

Control your Contracts effectively within TriLine GRC.

Control your Contracts effectively within TriLine GRC.

Control your Contracts effectively within TriLine GRC.

The effective management of contracts, particularly those deemed to be material in nature, is important to protecting your business from unfavourable financial liabilities. TriLine GRC caters for this need, including the ability to build key contract review dates and milestones into your processes.



  • Keep a record all your contracts in one location.
  • Attach a copy of each contract directly into TriLine for reference and Management purposes.
  • Control review and renewal of contracts via automated task allocation.
  • Incorporate Service Level Agreement reviews into TriLine recording and reporting.
  • Link contracts to compliance tasks, risk, KRI, and Events to establish a holistic picture of the importance of the contract.
  • Import your existing spreadsheet record directly in TriLine.


Put your people in control

Allocate control of contacts to individuals or specific business units.

Effective contract renewal processes

Set tasks to ensure that proper view of contacts and alternative options is completed.

Control access to sensitive contracts

Use TriLine’s sophisticated security system to protect access to vital Contract information.

Alert Management

Set alerts to warn if contacts have not been finalised within the necessary timeframes.


Classify your contracts by level of importance

Effective reporting

Create reports capturing key details for dissemination to committees etc.

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