Financial Institutions


Banks and financial services organisations of all sizes recognise the increasing importance of risk and compliance management.

This emphasis is partly driven by increased Government regulation of the sector and the pressures brought on by the Financial Crisis of 2008/09 – the effects of which are still with us. With the impending changes from “Brexit” there are further obligations to manage transitions and new requirements such as “ring fencing”, “Senior Manager Regimes” and Fit and Proper requirements at business and executive level.

To cater for these needs many financial institutions strategy for successfully implementing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) programs lies in leveraging technology to adopt a holistic approach to risk and compliance management.

Industry GRC Requirements

Sophisticated Financial Institutions frequently require an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution to meet their risk and compliance needs.

An ERM solution allows strategic and operational risks and their associated controls to be captured in central libraries to provide a single platform for risk and control assessments.

Assessed risks can then be linked to key metrics to support and demonstrate performance against risk appetite statements. Risks and controls can also be linked to the incident recording process and internal audit findings to present a more fluid picture of risk. Our flexible form builder allows online capture of other information such as fraud, significant outsourced arrangements, and business continuity plans to be captured.

Obligations and compliance requirements are captured in a systematic approach through the creation of an obligations register, attestations and compliance breach capture process. All information can be collated and managed with our flexible workflow engine and our integrated business intelligence tool allows stunning visualization of the data into flexible dashboards and reports.

TriLine GRC Solutions/Outcomes

TriLine GRC is a flexible, intuitive online solution aligned to satisfy the needs presented by the respective Risk and Compliance Standards ISO31000 and ISO19600.

It offers the flexibility to track and manage Key Metrics and link them to their respective Risks. TriLine GRC offers a customisable solution that allows each business to use its own terminology and to incorporate their own Risk definitions and heat maps directly into the system.

It offers a convenient, easy to use Events, Incidents and Breaches reporting mechanism, open to all staff whether they are a TriLine GRC user or not. Similarly, customers can create their own Registers within the system and manage delivery of documentation to staff and customers alike. Ultimately TriLine GRC draws all elements of the GRC need together in the one powerful  but simple solution.

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