TriLine GRC System Benefits

Simplify a complex issue:

TriLine GRC is the total solution to help you develop and implement your Three Lines of Defence and underpin your governance framework.

Manage your obligations:

All businesses have many legislative and operational requirements to fulfil. TriLine GRC’s powerful solution allows you to record, allocate and track completion of tasks across the business.

Build a compliance culture:

Many businesses rely on their Compliance team to complete most, if not all, of the compliance tasks. TriLine GRC’s solution allows the compliance processes to be pushed out to front-line Management, building accountability and understanding of the businesses obligations.

An integrated solution:

Management of risk and compliance is a dynamic task incorporating day-to-day events and incidents. TriLine GRC brings together your ongoing obligations and real-life experience to allow you to form a true picture of the adequacy of your business controls.

Accessible information:

While spreadsheets are still a common method of recording risk and compliance information, collating and reporting on that information can be very time consuming and prone to human error. An integrated solution such as TriLine GRC allows for real-time, accurate reporting at the click of a button.

A common approach:

While businesses frequently build matrices to define risk etc. the flow down of the understanding of definitions can be problematic. TriLine GRC’s solution allows you to embed your definitions directly into the product so that there is a clear explanation at all levels within the business.

Why TriLine GRC?

Fully Integrated solution:

TriLine GRC allows you to link related risks, compliance items and events to each other simply and easily. This permits a broader understanding of the underlying risks your business faces.

Essential information:

TriLine GRC is designed for use throughout your business. Understanding that this can be a challenge, you can include as much, or as little, information around the process of completing compliance items and risk reviews as you see fit. The goal is to step your staff through what is required to complete a task.


At TriLine GRC we understand that each business will have a different approach to risk and compliance. This may mean that you have adopted certain terminology that is different to the norm. TriLine GRC is highly customisable and, in many areas, you can change wording and structures to suit your organisation.


Our goal has been to build a GRC system that is easy to use and does not create extra work for your people. Attestations can be completed within the system in seconds and you are able to decide when, and if, explanations for a response are required.

Supporting Evidence:

In addition to requiring staff to complete an Attestation to say a task has been done, you can require that a supporting document be attached to the Attestation. This simplifies second and third line reviews of task completion and provides a trail for future staff to understand how a response was arrived at.

Operational Support:

Because TriLine GRC allows you to control the amount of information provided to your team members and allows you to link to policies, procedures and external websites, it is a great tool to support new staff taking over a role within your business. Staff are automatically provided with a list of tasks they need to undertake and where to find the information to complete the task.


TriLine GRC’s structure means that you can use as much, or as little, of the product as you need. A key benefit is that you can stage introduction of the product without comprising its essential functionality.

TriLine GRC's Approach

Triline GRC’s professional team will deliver system training and will support you through the initial conversion and development phase.

We will share our experience with you to achieve a best-practice outcome. Unlike some other software providers, we will continue to work with you to maximise use of TriLine GRC with regular visits,  provide access to User Groups and ensure prompt Help Desk support when required.